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Benefits of Trekking and Camping

It has been proved that any type of physical activity makes a series of positive physical and mental changes for a person’s life. Trekking and camping is an outdoor pleasurable activity. It is a journey on-foot that is an astonishing way to tour and love the nature’s best treasures. Trekking and camping can be done anywhere on the earth. Most of the travelers chose mountains ranges, less travel path, and usually rough territory for trekking. Other than the thrill and exhilaration, it challenges the physical as well as mental feature of a trekker. Trekking gives you a different experience and also tests the toleration level and endurance. There are some popular places near Mumbai for camping trekking. Pawna lake camping is one of those destinations. Trekking can be done near Pawna lake also, this lake is surrounded by the historical forts so trekking to the forts is available while camping. Here are a few benefits of trekking and camping that gives adrenaline rush.

  1. Lessen Stress: Touring and enjoying nature can reduce the despair and stress from our mind. Trekking is one of the best ways to lessen the stress and boredom from a person. Most people from various parts of the world carry out trekking journey in different parts of India just to get away from the issues of day-to-day life and to attain spiritual accomplishment than over trekking in India. Trekking is a proven solution for decreasing stress while at the same time having an enjoyable time.
  2. Social benefit: When people go for trekking they find different people from various parts of the world and make new friends. There is one kind of bonding among them and the group or team they are traveling with. They are far from their home and social media so it is possible that the friends they make while trekking will be the lifelong memorable friends.
  3. Enjoy the remarkable outdoors: Trekking is definitely meant for all those people who just love to spend time outdoors seeing the most magnificence and facets of nature. One of the best things about this specific activity is that it provides a charming experience to those who want to enjoy the peace and calmness provided by the environment. The leafy landscapes, amazing backdrops and clear blue waters will even draw the attention of the reluctant individuals to start on a trekking tour. There are many places to visit near Pune for trekking to enjoy the greenery.
  4. Strengthen the bones: Human bones need the load to be placed onto them to support their strength. Weight lifting is a best way to enhance the bone density, as is trekking with a rucksack. Trekking has the added advantage of being a low effective way to exercise, which is useful for those who bear with joint pain.
  5. Longer life: Study has proven that just trekking for 8 kilometers at a slow speed is enough to decrease the chance of strokes, heart failures, and heart attacks for almost 30%. 8 kilometers is almost 10,000 steps. Research has also shown that being active is a remarkable way to decrease that risk of cancer. Working out, lowers the estrogen in your bloodstream, which can be the main reason why breast cancer in active women is less likely.

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