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A demolition hammer is a tool that is suitable for breaking up hard materials such as asphalt or concrete. A demolition hammer is often referred to as a chisel hammer or stun hammer. A further place of work is construction sites where small streets are opened. The demolition hammer is operated either with electricity or with compressed air. The device itself has one tool holder, where hex tools are used. In this device can be used either flat chisel or a chisel.

There are several variants. The devices are available from a weight of 12 to 15 kg and can be used for a variety of demolition work. The demolition hammer can also be used for horizontal work. First, a distinction is made between the type of drive, which can be electricity or compressed air. In addition, there are different systems that we will take a closer look at.

The hydraulic hammer is always used when the ground is very hard. Concrete or hard rock is crushed with the hydraulic hammer in a short time . Especially in quarries are hydraulic hammers, which can make the demolition work quickly and easily. There are for the handyman smaller models, which the demolition of foundations, buildings or masonry suitable.

Homeowners can, for example, work the concrete path in the garden with a hydraulic hammer that can be quickly picked up by the device. It makes sense to attach the hydraulic hammer to another carrier device. In the quarry, you can see more and more that the demolition hammer was attached to an excavator to ensure easy transport and efficient work.

Another form of demolition hammer is the hammer drill. It is for drilling of holes used which in concrete or stone must be introduced. For insertion of explosive devices, which is to destroy a building is usually with a hammer drill the hole drilled into which the later explosive device can be inserted. The beating mechanism wears down the material to be processed. As a rule, the rotary hammer also has a rotating movement, with the executed strokes more precise to use are brought.

A demolition hammer operated with compressed air has much more power than a demolition hammer that works with electricity. He finds his field of application for breaking, tearing or chiseling of building structures, which consist of hard rock or concrete. Even asphalt pavements or rocks can be worked with the demolition hammer.

A compressed air breaker is also often called a force from the air jackhammer. He gets which is generated by a compressor, which must be connected separately to the device. The compressed air ensures the drive. The force is indicated as joule in these devices. The advantage is that these models have a simple design and also a lower dead weight, whereby he works for different jobs.


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