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 [1] Hoverboards are usually portrayed as resembling a skateboard with brakes.  Throughout the 1990s there were also rumors, fueled by manager Robert Zemeckis,[two ] that hoverboards were actually real, but not advertised because they had been deemed too dangerous by parents' groups.  These rumors have been conclusively debunked.  [2] The hoverboard concept has been used by a number of authors in a variety of forms of media,[1] for example from the 1998 film Futuresport, utilized by Dean Cain's character.Guinness World Records recognizes the expression hoverboard to include autonomously powered personal levitators.  In May 2015, the Romania-born Canadian inventor Cătălin Alexandru Duru set a Guinness World Record by travelling a distance of 275.9 m (302 yd) up to 5 m (16 feet ) over a lake, on a powered hoverboard of his own layout.  On April 30, 2016, Guinness World Records recognized a brand new record of 2,252.4 m.  The Flyboard Air was powered by jet engine propulsion, and its usage allowed Franky Zapata, in Sausset-les-Pins, France to beat the previous record by nearly 2 km.  [5] Another method of achieving self-levitation is superconductivity, utilized by the Slide hoverboard.Locating the ideal hoverboard for the child is occasionally confusing and with so many to pick from it can be quite a challenge to find which one is best.  There are many distinct types on the market and with various brands, prices and all varying in grade it may get confusing.  However, to make this easier we have reviewed 15 distinct hoverboards to help to make choosing easy and easily find the best available.  You can definitely find the best type for your child here, both concerning quality and price.  All things are certified and meet a top regulatory standard. Children's Hoverboards make great gifts as we understand and are the latest trend for Children who love riding.  You might have seen them whizzing around town or in the mall, based on your geographical area.  Hoverboards take components from skateboarding and the electric scooter to create the awesome riding encounter children are all talking about. Hoverboards are among my favorite digital recreational products.  I have to admit that it took me quite some time until I could really balance on a single, but it had been worth it.  I got one for my niece, and I have to sayit had quite a positive impact on her.  For that reason, I'd love to record quite a few of the best hoverboards for kids. 

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