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The term mattress derives from the Arabic مَطْرَحٌ (maṭraḥ)[3] which means"something thrown down" or"place where something is thrown " and hence"mat, pillow".  Throughout the Crusades Europeans adopted the Arabic method of sleeping on cushionsaround the Ground, along with the Term materas eventually descended into Middle Language  through the Romance languages.  [4] The oldest known mattress dates to around 77,000 years ago.  [5]Early mattresses contained a number of natural materials such as straw, feathers or horse hair. In the first half of the 20th century, a normal mattress sold in North America had an innerspring heart and cotton batting or even fiberfill. Modern mattresses normally contain either an inner spring center or materials like latex, viscoelastic or alternative elastic polyurethane foams. Other fill parts include insulator pads across the coils that prevent the bed's upholstery layers from cupping down to the innerspring, as well as polyester fiberfill from the bed's top upholstery layers. Back in 1899 James Marshall introduced the first separately wrapped pocketed spring coil mattress now commonly called Marshall coils. In North America the typical mattress sold now is an innerspring; however there is increasing interest in all-foam beds and so called hybrid beds, which include both an innerspring and high-end foams like viscoelastic or latex in the relaxation layers. In Europe, polyurethane foam cores and latex cores have been popular and make up a far larger proportion of the mattresses offered.

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