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A mattress is a big, rectangular pad for encouraging the back body, made to be utilized as a mattress or onto a bed framework , as a portion of a mattress. Mattresses may include a quilted or similarly secured instance, usually of thick fabric, which contains materials like hair, cotton, cotton, foam rubber, or even a frame of metal springs. Mattresses are often set on top of a mattress foundation which might be strong, as in the event of a platform mattress , or elastic, like an wrought iron wood and cable box spring or a slatted base.  Popular in Europe, a divan[two ] integrates both mattress and base in one upholstered, footed unit. Divans have a minumum of one innerspring layer in addition to cushioning materials. They might be provided with a secondary mattress or a detachable"topper." Mattresses might also be full of water or air, or an assortment of natural fibers, like in futons.   Kapok is a Frequent mattress substance in Southeast Asia, also coir in South Asia.

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