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One apparatus law enforcement use to measure the anticipated speed of a moving automobile is doppler radar, which uses the doppler impact  to measure the relative speed of a car or truck.  Doppler radar works by shining a radio wave in a car to then quantify the anticipated shift in frequency of the reflected wave (that bounces off the vehicle).  Law enforcement frequently employs doppler radar via hand-held radar guns, from vehicles, or by stationary objects such as traffic signs . Radar sensors use a superheterodyne receiver to discover these electromagnetic emissions in the radar gun, and also raise the alarm to notify the motorist when a transmission has been detected. False alarms can occur however due to the significant number of devices, including automatic door openers (such as the ones in supermarkets), speed signals, and adaptive cruise control, which operate in exactly the exact same portion of the electromagnetic spectrum as radar guns.Recently [when? This permits users to manually save the places where authorities often monitor visitors, together with the sensor sounding an alarm when approaching that place later on (this is accomplished by pushing a button and does not demand coordinates to be entered). These detectors also allow users to manually store the coordinates of sites of frequent false alarms, which the GPS allowed detector will subsequently ignore. The sensor is also programmed to mute alerts when traveling under a preset speed, limiting unnecessary alarms.  Some GPS enabled sensors can download the GPS coordinates of speed monitoring cameras and red-light cameras from the Internet, alerting the driver that they are approaching the camera.

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