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Unlike cats, dogs aren't obligate carnivores.  That usually means that even though their"organic" diet does consist primarily of beef, they also eat plant compounds. They can eat a very wide variety of foods, as long as they are getting the ideal nutritional balance. This includes veggies and grains, and dry pet food nearly always contains such a plant-based carbohydrate component. It may appear surprising that something close to a wild wolf would require anything aside from meat, but domestic dogs actually do have genetic mutations that let them digest starch more readily than their wolf-like crazy ancestors. This was likely a side effect of domestication, as well as eating human leftovers within the course of millennia.There are those around who cook their own pet food. After all, their diets are fairly similar to ours in various ways, even though there are foods like onions and garlic that are toxic to them. Meat, potatoes, and veggies in an ad-hoc stew is very acceptable for a dog.But let's be honest, unless your pet has a significant food sensitivity, so that's an awful lot of work. Most dog owners go for either canned moist dog fooddry food.Dry food is much more popular for lots of factors.  It's generally less costly overall, and keeping it in bulk will be more convenient. In addition, it does have some unique benefits that your dog does not get from softer foods. If you do this, however, you will need to make sure that you're keeping it right. Otherwise, it really can go rancid, or even spoil.A fantastic brand of healthy dry pet food is a fantastic option for your canine companion. Provided that you maintain it properly saved, and safe from moisture and too much air vulnerability, it is at a minimal threat of going bad. Specially designed dog food storage containers are among the most effective ways to keep your dog's kibble fresh, especially if you want to stay large quantities available. There are all kinds of shapes and designs to choose from, offering you a number of choices. It is not unusual to start out the dog food bag, fill the bowl frequently, and then fold down the top when you are done. Pretty simple, and suitable. But should you be holding onto kibble that's still in its spacious original bag? Pros really recommend about two weeks, at most. This could be a problem if you're purchasing giant bags of kibble available at Costco. Some of those prices are pretty tough to resist, and if you are well stocked on dog food, that is one less thing you have to worry about adding to your grocery list. Here's the issue: it oxidates. More specifically, this chemical procedure impacts the fats and oils in the kibble. These lipids are exceptionally nutritious for your own dog, however, the compound structure itself is very sensitive to air exposure. In a process somewhat related to rusting in metal, the fats go rancid over time. The food might still be edible after this occurs, but there's evidence it could raise your pet's susceptibility to particular kinds of cancer, so it is definitely something that you ought to prevent.

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