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When you start your very first bullet journal, the flood of data could be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to picking pens, notebooks, and other equipment.Everyone needs the"appropriate" supplies. The truth is--and I hope I am not the first to tell you this--supplies don't make you more effective.

Your mentality does. I will admit I'm a weak monster wooed by velvety paper, smooth ink, and rich pigments. Purchasing a fine notebook and pen helped me devote to the process. The ideal pens can totally transform your journaling experience.

Some pencils are excellent for creating precise writing or lines in smallish spaces, others are ideal for adding colorful details for your webpages. If you prefer to add a little bit of calligraphy for your diary webpages, then brush pens are crucial. And of course, you constantly need basic pens to your everyday journaling.

Here, you will get the best journaling pens for different sourcing designs, creating intriguing page spreads, in addition to adding decorative elements to every one of your journal pages. The pens have various nib sizes (the portion of the pen that comes in touch with the paper) to allow you to create lines and embellishments of various thicknesses.

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