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Top 5 Sabung Ayam s128 2019

• Here will be the top- 5 sabung ayam online
• 1. Chicken Bangkok / Thailand
Bangkok chickens from Tahiland set the initial measures in the list of 5 chickens in Indonesia during the 2017 th year. He could be an idol chickens that are no less than required by gambling chickens in Indonesia. he's got little edge on other kinds of fight. The most apparent advantage is his skillful technique

2. Burmese Burma / Myanmar
Agent S128 - 2nd place won by Chicken Sabunga from Myanmar. himself, namely the course of Balinese chicken ori in the native country of Myanmar. This Sabunga chicken, which can be famous for Burmese chicken, has techniques and fighting styles which can be liar, simultaneous & extra agile. as a result of his speed he was nicknamed the demon chicken in his home location.

3. Chicken Saigon / Vietnam
Chickens with the characteristics of the head that doesn't have hair / an effective dumbbell ranks from Vietnam. This chicken, referred to as Saigon chicken, went into Indonesia a lot more than the Burmese chicken. but his fame just has started since the recent years. In present-day Indonesia, Ayam Saigon is easily the most desired & no less than a bit functioned as a chicken fight within the battle arena is Magon chicken (the consequence of Saigon x Burma crosses) & Mathai chicken (the effect of a crossing of Magon x Bangkok).

• 4. Ayam Pakhoy
Pakhoy chickens who have the 4th rank range from the advanced generation fighting chicken. This Sabunga Chicken is produced by cockfighters online with the dream of being able to match the Burmese chicken who once dominated the cockfighting event at that time & try successful breeders, new chicken categories can & can conquer the speed of Burmese chicken

5. Balinese / Indonesian chicken
The fifth rank is occupied by fighting chickens from your Indonesian archipelago. he could be the initial Indonesian Chicken Bali. and also a smaller body form up against the Bangkok chicken, he is classified as a chicken that is direct & simultaneously in battle. no wonder when the Indonesian Chicken Bali appears functioned inside the spurs cockfight tournament, the battle that utilizes a tiny knife that is a spur & fight to the death.

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