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A Beautiful Country Tour with Gurgaon Cheap Escorts Girl part 2

How do I feel when I go to South Korea with my friends and Gurgaon Cheap Escorts girl, , You send your feed back, because it encourages our courage, because we believe in the world with the help of your feedback, Just keep on encouraging us, we will continue sharing your experiences, Today, we are going to advance tomorrow's incomplete article, today we will just tell you about the food there, then get started to take a chat.

Hangover Stew:-

Although it is not for Indians because it is made by beef, And I did not taste it, so I do not know the taste, but for those who like meat, it can be good and delicious, It happens according to your name, because its consumption can hangover, Because alcoholic drinks are mixed, Korean people consume too much alcohol, The meat and vegetables are cooked in wine itself and prepared and the rice is also made of wine, so when people eat it, they become hangover, Korean uses this food at least once a week.

Soft Tofu Stew

This spicy stew is prepared by egg, The first egg is boiled and its peel is removed, Then it is grated and put in a separate vessel, Then chop Apples, carrots, radish and other green vegetables and fry this, and then fry these finely edible eggs too lightly, Then make a paste of coriander powder, cumin powder, black pepper, alfalfa and other spices and fry them all together, and then add water to it and boil it a bit, If you are fond of alcohol then you can add some alcohol to it, but we had tried without alcohol, Gurgaon Cheap Escorts Girl too liked this stew


it is a famous Korean dishTo make this Famous dish, 9 different dish dishes are needed, Because in this, different parts are dividing 9 parts into a wood plate and everyone is eaten, These dishes are specially prepared in marriage or any function, You can decorate it with any type of 9 food, We can not say this to any consonant, but it is definitely a mixture of this dish, So you can make such a dish,


 This dish is made by combining both vegetarian and non-vegetarians, To prepare it, a big bow is needed; Mutton, Tomato in the big bowl, Radishes, carrots and all green vegetable items are grilled and then cooked, it is also good for health as well as delicious, Because in it you get all kinds of energy, in which all types of vegetables and mutton are mixed, So that all the vitamins and proteins get your body


It is a fire meat, This is a type of Korean cum Chinese dish, in it the mutton is cut into thin slices and roasted on top of oven and stove, You can also fry it by putting it in a pan, because you do not get a big oven in the house, Then you can eat your cheese by making it spicy, it will be ready according to your test,



 it is a also a grilled non veg  dishes in korea, Most people in Korea eat this dish in their milk, if you are Indian, then you can make it with Mutton, it is very easy to make, To make the recipe, you cut the mutton in a small and thin piece, and then make a paste of ginger, red chili and garlic and apply it on it. Take a little bit of butter and pulse it, and then grilled it, This type of roasted mutton tastes very well, and also to make a vegetable, sprinkle garam masala on it,


This is also a type of roasted fruit, but you just make it by adding salt, in order to make it you make a piece of the natural size of the meat, Then add salt and butter in it and put it on the pan or on non-stick pan and fry it, When it is fully cooked, you can eat it with chili or tomato sauce, This dish is better for health, although it does not require any type of fat or spice, so that it does not harm your health.


This is steamed types of dish, this is a tradition cuisine in korea, We can also call it a type of soup, because it requires a lot of water to prepare this food, Mutton man is boiled in a lot of water by making small pieces of other types of meat, And when the pieces of meat are cooked completely then it is eaten, You can also put soup masala in it, this increases the taste of your dish


It is a variety in which the meat is cooked by boiling or steamed, But it is a type of spicy because it is cooked by adding spices to the water. Such meats are cooked in some parts of India too, In it, meat or mutton is kept for a while with marinated masala, Then, in the oil or ghee, this marinated meat is roasted, and then by adding water it is cooked, you can eat it with rice or roti, The Gurgaon Cheap Escorts girl felt it very tasty


These dishes are prepared from the streamed eggs, Then you take off its peel and finely make it, tighten it inside a bowl and cook it again in light steam, And then eat it with sauce and soup, This meal was enjoyed by me and the Gurgaon Escort girl

I am just writing this in today's article, and in the article of tomorrow, I will describe the remaining Korean discs, bye  for till tomorrow, But do not forget to give feedback, it is very important, Mg Road Escort is eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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