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Measures to avoid mosquito-borne diseases in monsoon by Karol Bagh Call Girls

Mosquitoes are a very small but very dangerous organism, The bite causes them to be very fatal, all the diseases caused by them are so dangerous that people die, Dengue, malaria, Chickengunia, etc. is a very dangerous disease caused by them, so that people die, Today our Karol Bagh Call Girls  will tell all these diseases and ways to avoid them, You will also be told what you can do during these diseases so that you get rid of this disease, Our Karol Bagh Call Girls will tell you everything about everything so that you can understand correctly and avoid these diseases,

All these diseases occur mainly in the month of monsoon, Because in this month water is collected at the place of place, due to which very many mosquitoes are started, And this disease spreads very much this month due to this main cause, Malaria, chikungunya and dengue are a very dangerous disease which can be caused by cutting these mosquitoes once, Therefore, as much as possible should stop their growing, To prevent them from growing, you can do the following:

If there is water in the pit around anything near your home, then immediately remove it.

Do not leave any blank box on your chat, and do not keep any stuff that has a chances to get water.

Clear the cooler once a week, if you keep the water to drink the birds, then clean the utensils regularly.

Use mosquito net for sleeping, this will save you mosquito bites, You can also use a mosquito escaping gadget,

By doing all these measures, you will not get the mugs around you so that you can avoid all these diseases, So do all these measures and make yourself safe from these diseases, Now the girl of our keyword is going to tell what the sign and symptoms and defenses of these diseases:-

sign and symptom of dengue and treatment

This disease is the most targeted for old people and children, Because immune power is very weak in children and old people, so this disease gains more people, In this disease you have always fever up to 104 degrees, There will always be pain in your head, In joints and muscles, there always remains pain, The vomiting is very high and blood starts coming from the nose and gums, Unbearable pain begins in the eyes, Swelling occurs in the gum, so that the problem arises in eating food, The presence of red rash is also a symptom of dengue,

If you are feeling any of these symptoms then you should go straight to the doctor, because if you have a quick treatment, there will be no more problems, Late also creates danger of life, If you have dengue, you should consume a lot of liquid because it will keep your body's water level good, Platelet starts falling very quickly in dengue, so you get more fruit juice. This is life saving, The disease goes on recovery mode in 8 to 10 days, so there should not be any need to panic, The risk of knowing this disease is less than  0.10 percent, On such symptoms, you should go to the doctor immediately.


Sign and symptom of malaria and treatment

Malaria is also caused by bites of mosquitoes, The disease seems very strong cold, and the body feels shaking, Fever is also very high in this disease, and start profuse sweating, In malaria, you also start seeing diarrhea symptoms, you also get diarrhea, Racket decreases and the muscle begins to feel pain, Sometimes bloody stools also come in, Sometimes people also go to coma in this disease, The body also gets cramped, In this disease too, you should go to the doctor very soon, because if you get sick for a long time, you will make some more weak.

Even in this disease, you avoid all kinds of dengue, you will get benefits very soon. If you have diarrhea, continue to drink ORS solution continuously, this will not reduce the amount of glucose in your body, Consume fruit juices and  pulses, Periodically check your blood, Our Karol Bagh Call Girl knows the root cause of all these diseases, Therefore, he knows all the solutions to avoid all these diseases, You follow these things carefully, Because any disease reaches a dangerous level only after living longer, so all these diseases need to be taken care of immediately, You can go to your word girl and gather as much information as you can, So do not be too late and start your own care.

Sign and symptom of Chikungunia and treatment

Basically Symptom id Chikungunia is  Joint pan and fever,  This also happens to be a virus like dengue, These are also caused by bites of mosquitoes, In Chikungunia water gets drained very fast by the nose, Also, like dengue, your fever always keeps around 104 degrees, You also get plenty of water in this disease, because in your disease there is a shortage of water in your body very fast,  In this you will also experience swelling around the joint, You may also know this disease through blood test, Even in this disease you have to go to the doctor very quickly,

Our Karol Bagh Call Girl  has information about other diseases, By going to these you can get information about all these diseases, If you want to know, go to them and get information about all kinds of diseases, Go to them and serve them, Call you the Karol Bagh Escorts  service for their service, Call and call the Karol Bagh Escorts service, But be careful to remove all these diseases.

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