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Two moment happiness with Paharganj Escorts Girl in North East India part 4

Meghalaya is a small state in the northeast of India, The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong, which is one of the very beautiful cities, You will get a wealth of beauty in Meghalaya, Meghalaya means the state of the clouds, Because there is rain throughout the year,

I went out to visit eight states of India, along with Paharganj Escorts Girl, In which I have roamed the three state, And all those things I shared with you, You might have liked it, According to me, Meghalaya is a very beautiful place, meghalaya is foot hills area of Himalaya, this state is bounded with indian international border with Bangladesh and myanmar, The highest rainfall in India is on this, here in the year about 12000 mm is rains, So let's go now to the tour of Meghalaya, you will get unlimited enjoyment with me and the Paharganj Escorts girl, this is my claim.

Now we will start our tour of this state capital, Shillong,

Shillong:- Shillong is not only Meghalaya but also a beauty capital, This city is a small but beautiful hill station in the lap of the Himalayas, this is also called by Scotland of east,  The height of this hill station is about 1400 meters, which is a low height hill station,  Shillong hill station is situated in khasi and jayantiya hills, The maximum part of this city is surrounded by forests, here only 70% of the area comes in Area Forest Zone, Shillong India is a very renowned Tourist place, where thousands of tourists visit every year, The climate here is very wandful, and you will get pollution even without the equivalent of Nothing, means this is pollution free city, If you come here from a polluted area like Delhi then it will give you happiness from heaven, By coming here you will be able to calm your mind, so come here with a girls of Paharganj Escorts service, you should visited this area if you can come to shilong for tour purpose

Elephant Fall:- Elephant fall is 12 kilometer far from shilong, there are three successive fall, where you can enjoy some times

Wards Lake:- it is alco called nan-polok in local , this is artificial lake but looking wise this is very beautiful.

Shilong Golg Course:- this is one of the most largest wettest golf course in world, this is very beautiful golf course in india,

Shilong Peak:- if you are searching a picnic spots in shillong area then you should go to shilong peak, this is a very beautiful for picnic, mostly tourister has to come here for picnic and weekend party, so please come here along with friend for picnic.

Crinoline falls:- this is a small water fall.

Cherrapunji:- it is a beautiful hill station in east khasi hill district of meghalaya, Chairapapuji is the second largest rainfall area in the world, before Chanderpuji was the world's first rainiest place, before Mawsynram, The name of Chairpunjabi is the highest rainfall recorded in a calendar year, in year 1860-61, there are Here the apprximate was 26441 m m rain, It is also the world's Wettest place, so come here and look beauty of cehrrapunji with the Paharganj Escort girl.

If you have come to Cherrapunji, then go to all these places,

Double Decker Bridge:- this is a tree shaping bridge, this is commonly in the southern parts of meghalya, this bridge is made by small upper roots of  trees, this bridge are very adventurable,   When you walk on this bridge, you will feel the whole area moving, Walking on this will be a fun experience for you, When you come to Meghalaya, you will come on such a bridge, Such bridges will find you many places in the Garo and Khasi Hills range,

Kynrem Falls:- this is located in approx 12 kilometer from cherrapunji area, this fall is situated on Thangkharang Park, this is very beauty to see.

Wah kaba falls:-  this fall is also near about to cherrapunji so you can also come here for seen a beauty place in cherrapunji.

Seven sister falls:-  it is a group of seven segmented waterfalls in cherrapunji, it is located on one kilometer far from  mawsmi village of cherapunji, this water fall is vibrant color waterfall,  that’s is illuminated by sun, this is the one of the most beautiful falls in khashi and jayantia hills area, so you should come here for view this.

Jowai:- Jowai is also a hill station in Meghalaya, it is headquarter of west jayantia hills district, jowai is a important business and educational hub is west parts of Meghalaya,  this hill station is near about shilling, this is only 60 kilometer far from capital of meghalya, so road connectivity is good from shilong, so you can come here in very easily,  Jowai is good connected with road transport,

If you have to go to the most visited place in this area, then you can go to all these places like

Syntu Ksiar :- this is most visited place in Jowai area, if you are come here for tour then you should come here at least one time for visit, it is located in 2 kilometer from Jowai , this is easily reachable place in jowai.

Tyrchi falls:- this falls is 4 kilometer from jowai .

Thadlaskein Lake:- This lake is 8 kilometer from jowai, this is popular weekend destination in Meghalaya,

Ialong:- this is also 8 kilometer behind from Jowai, so  you can easily reach  here also.

So come here a enjoy for touring, if you want to come here then don’t forgot to book the Paharganj Escort service , because with Paharganj Escort service , you can enjoy most time to here , so book the service and enjoy more ultimation in meghalya,   

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