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Is There any Difference in Playing Rummy on Different Websites?

As consumers, we are literally bombarded by hordes of companies with advertisements of their products. Each of them projects its product(s) to be the best in the market. However, when we actually use the goods, we discover that while some products are indeed up to the mark, some others are just satisfactory and yet others make us feel disappointed with their shoddy quality. Likewise, various Indian rummy portals and their services might appear more or less similar on the outside, but when you actually play at different rummy sites, you discover that they are very much different. So, obviously, your experience of playing at diverse sites would be diverse!

While some dissimilarities might not be of much consequence so as to be pondered over, others might make you either revel in your choice of the site or disillusioned and dejected. We are going to elaborate the kinds of variations players might encounter when they play their favorite card game online at different sites. Let us proceed from the most obvious but less significant aspects to the less apparent but the most critical ones.


Initially, when we get attracted to somebody, it is mostly because of the person’s appearance. Similarly, when we dine out, ambience of the place and presentation of the food matters to most of us. In case of rummy websites, some sites are really vibrant, appealing and easy to navigate and as such, please our senses. Others might look lackluster and douse our interest in the game.

Variety of Games

Again, it is human nature that we crave change and look for variety. So, if you play at a site that lacks variety in the kind of rummy games being offered by it, chances are high that sooner or later, monotony gets the better of you and you start feeling bored. Games are meant to entertain us, not to make us feel bored!


Some sites let you access rummy game from a mobile and a tablet as well, in addition to computer and laptop. The game is in the form of an app that does not consume much space and allows you the flexibility of playing it anywhere and anytime. Who would not love to play their favourite game on the go?

Promotions and Offers

Almost all rummy sites shower their players with bonuses and promotions from time to time, but there might be a lot of disparity in the number and kind of these promotions. Some sites leave no stone unturned in dishing out lavish extravaganzas for their players, others might leave you feeling neglected as their offers are just average.

Benefits for Regular Players

You are bound to feel all the more pampered when you discover that there are such sites too that have schemes such as ‘Loyalty Tiers’. These allow you to automatically accumulate ‘Loyalty Points’, as you indulge in your passion for the amazing online game. These points can be redeemed to get cash bonus, which helps you play more and enjoy more!

Customer Care

A fact of life is that nobody is perfect and at or the other point of time, inadvertent lapses can occur. However, when the one with whom we have some misunderstanding, makes an attempt to rectify or at least clarify them, we feel contented. It is a great experience to play at the sites that have a superb customer support team that is always more than ready to answer your queries of all sorts and seek your feedback. There are sites that provide their players with multilingual support and in multiple ways- through phone, email and live chat etc.

Payment Options and Withdrawals

As our economy is going cashless, more and more denizens have started opting for modern means of payment. No two opinions that instead of visiting a store that accepts only cash, you would prefer the ones that readily accept payment in ways convenient to you. When we talk about online rummy portals, you would obviously feel great if you can make deposits using the mode you like; be it credit card, debit card, RuPay card, net banking, wire transfer or e-wallets. Moreover, there should not be unnecessary hassles in withdrawing your winnings. Apart from this, the payment gateways must be safe and secure. This factor is one that really affects your experience and satisfaction quotient of playing at a site.  

Safe and Secure Gaming

This is the aspect which makes the major or in fact such a difference that can actually make or totally mar your experience of playing at a site. While a lot many sites use software that they can manipulate to their advantage, there are others that strive for fair play, safety, security and players’ trust. These sites display their seals of authentication, like those of their software testing by reputed international agencies and SSL encryption, at their homepage itself. Playing at such sites ensures that you do not end up losing your time and money to cheating, phishing or fraud.

The Crux of the Matter

Your experience of playing the amazing card game of skills, rummy can be actually fantastic or a mediocre one or a total loss of time and money, depending on the rummy website you choose. Needless to say that there is a significant difference in players’ experience of playing online rummy at different websites. Be prudent, be aware, check online reviews and make a smart choice to jazz up your rummy playing experience!

Edited By:-Rohit choudhary([email protected])

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