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Joker is Not the Only Thing that can Make You Win a Game of Rummy

Life is actually a roller coaster ride and so is playing the game of rummy and more so online rummy. It is full of unexpected turns & events, and gives you an unadulterated adrenaline rush, thrill, and excitement. Just keep your chin up and revel in the challenges that the game keeps springing in your path time and again. There are a number of aspects that make the ride of rummy players to victory easy, charming and interesting. Joker cards are one of them. They make the players rejoice and add spice to the game. What if you get no jokers? Let us see…..

There are two kinds of Joker cards in the game of online rummy, printed jokers, and wildcard jokers. There are two printed jokers in a two player game when one standard deck of cards is used. Talking about wildcard jokers, in the beginning of rummy game, a card is chosen at random to be the wild card joker. Then all the cards of that number/face act as jokers. If that card turns out to be a printed joker, then all the ace cards are used as wildcard jokers.

Joker cards make the game of online rummy somewhat easy for the players who get them. However, some players overemphasize the significance of Joker cards and right away drop the game, when they discover they have not got any joker card(s) in the hand dealt with them. However, what you need to do is, have some patience and a careful look at your cards. If the hand looks absolutely dismal, only then one should consider the drop option. One door has closed, but others might be open.

‘The pessimist sees difficulty in every situation. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty’. 

-Winston Churchill

Picking a joker card from the open pile i.e. the one(s) discarded by other players is not allowed. However, as the game progresses, you could get joker card(s) from the closed pile. In this case, you need not fret about not getting jokers in the beginning of the game.

Jokers need the strength and support of a pure sequence to be actually useful. In the absence of at least one pure sequence, impure runs and sets formed with the help of jokers would in no way help to reduce points. You might not have any joker card, but we cannot deny the probability that your opponents do not have a pure sequence.

Besides, it is quite possible that your hand is good, despite the absence of joker. One pure sequence is of course mandatory, but there is no such condition about impure run or set. You could definitely strive to form all pure combinations.

What happens at times is that players who get joker cards enter a celebratory mood, becoming a wee bit careless and losing focus from the goal. One wrong step and things can go haywire. Be on the look out for any folly on the part of your rival players. Strike the iron when it is hot.

In the quest to victory, the one who believes in racking one’s brains and making innovative moves, without ever becoming complacent or losing heart, holds good chances of winning. Moreover, in the game of Deals Rummy, you do not have the drop option. So, you ought to know alternative ways to success, and accordingly manoeuvre your moves.

To Conclude

Joker cards are a crucial but not the only aid to win the game of online rummy. Rummy aficionados know and understand this fact well, and do not lose heart on spotting that they have not got any joker. There are other routes too, to success. You just need to exercise ingenuity and think of innovative ways to reach your destination.

Edited By:-Rohit choudhary([email protected])

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