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Eating eggs can make you healthy and make your life long

Eating eggs can make you healthy and make your life long.

When I lived in the village then people used to instruct me not to eat Egg every day, they had this misinformation that people eating Egg would get sick, and I used to accept it happily, because I was a child so I did not have a any other option, But when I have all the information about Egg's benefits today, I think how much lack of information in the people, and people are dying of good things because of less information, So I will tell about all the benefits and disadvantages of egg today, and you can use it according to your own. Therefore, I am talking about Disadvantage, because there is some evil left behind every goodness.

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 Now I am going to describe the main benefits and disadvantages of eggs.

How the egg can be beneficial for our body.

The egg makes your bone stronger and makes the nail shiny

If you can use egg you daily diet, they can help for growth of your body parts, because egg have all types of vitamin , minerals, lipids , eggs is low cost and high level nutrition food, By eating eggs, your bone gets stronger, it makes your nails healthy and shiny.

Egg is good for health of your brain and eye.

The egg gives strength to your brain and makes it more active, It has been concluded by a research that the brain of the egg eater is stronger than the non egg eater, it also make strong your eye, Egg eating is beneficial for you if you have a visual impairment, Eating eggs also destroys night blindness, It improves the blood circulation of your eye and protects your eye.

Eating egg can protect us from breast cancer.

Breast cancer is deadly disease for men and women both, egg can protect form breast cancer, egg is container of vitamins, and it has also contain of anti cancer proteins. 

Helps for Overcome from anemia and circulate your blood properly.

When RBC count is less from your blood then you are suffering with anemia, eating eggs can make red blood cell  in your blood and make prevent from anemia, eggs also help to circulate blood properly in your body, if blood is circulate properly in body then your body organs will do work properly so eat egg and make healthy blood and organs.

They can boost metabolism from your body

Vitamin B12 is high in egg, and Vitamin B12 can help to boost and maintain metabolism is your body, metabolism play important role in your body, It works to covert energy from food.

The use of eggs is best for your hair.

If  you eat egg in daily bases then they can protect you from hair fall, they can also increase hair growth, they makes your hair shiny black and dense. 

How the egg can be harmful to our body.

If you can eat more than two eggs daily then it can be harmful for your health, use more eggs in your daily diet make you Fat, eggs has calories , Excessive consumption of the egg can increase calories in your body, Which can cause problems like heart attack. Egg must be eaten but you know , eating more is harmful for your health, so stay at the limit.
How can you eat eggs.

Boiled egg is most beneficial, you can eat eggs by boiling, If you do not like boiled egg, then you can also make an  egg curry, you can also make egg omelet, you can fry it after boiled, If you are suffering from cough, you can consume raw eggs together with milk, this will give you instant relief in cough.

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