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Hair loss remedy by girls of Aerocity Escorts

Now a day hair loses is common problem for both men and women, that’s is because of uncontrolled food, pollution and other. Now a day’s 7 out of 10 person is struggling with this problem, I was also struggling with that, but now I am fine and got rid of this problem, its time my hair is very dense and black, there is a story behind it,

One day I walk to Aerocity area of Delhi and thinking about copulation, and suddenly I mind a service who is allocated in Aerocity area name is Aerocity Escorts, and then I did a call to office of the service of Aerocity Escort, and they ask me for waiting for some time, after 20 minutes a girl is come to front of me and ask me hi dear I am Rimsha and may be you are jazz , I say yes, and they both are goes to my house, she is so cute , tall and white scene girls, her hair is very long , dense and dark, her hair is make to her more beautiful.

When I see her long hair then I start to think about my hair, that time my hair falling ratio is very height and my baldness had begun, I was feeling very worried about my hair, she looked at me and asked me the reason of worried. I say to her my problem, then she told me, this is not a big problem , I was also suffering with this problem, but now my hair is long, black and dense, I paid a lot of attention to my hair, now I take very care of my hair, if you want to hair like me then you also paid lots of attention about your hair and also take care about your hair because hair can make you smart and beautiful so now I telling you about making your hair to strong, black and dense.

Check-up your hair regularly 

If you do check-up your hair regularly by good doctor then you will know all problem of hair loosing, and your doctor also telling you best care of your hair, basically hair growth is depends on your body proteins and If your body has no more proteins then you are struggling of the hair loosing problem, so regularly check your hair or go to the doctor, Girls of Aerocity Escort Tell me, we are go to the doctor regular basis.

Use Ayurveda Item For Wash your hair.

The girl of Aerocity Escorts  is tell me, Ayurveda is never harmful , if you use Ayurveda item like , amla, ritha, sikakai, for washing your hair then your hair will be black and long and dense, now in market all types non Ayurvedic shampoo is made by chemical and this chemical is harmful for your hair, and they may one causes of hair fall, you also wash your hair daily before sleep at night if you work on field or outdoor, because In the field or in the  outdoor area the amount of pollution is too high, so wash your hair daily if you are work on field,    otherwise you wash your hair in alternative day.

Massage with roasted onion or Roasted mango leaves.

Onion is a good for your hair if you do massage with roasted onion this will make you gray and thin hair to black and dense, onion is wonderful remedy for your hair, you also onion juice for hair massage, they do your hair too strong and tall, so you can do weakly massage with roasted onion or onion juice, they helps to grow you hair.

Wash your hair with black tea.

Black tea is good solution for hair fall or makes your hair black, boil half litter water with tea leaves for 15 minutes without sugar. After one hour you can wash your hair with this black tea water, if you wash your hair regularly with black tea water then your hair will turn black.

Apply coconut oil in your hair daily before sleeping.

Oiling is make your hair too strong, coconut is a treasure of protein and hair growth is depends on protein, if you have lots of protein then you are not suffering with hair lose for long time so you can do therapy with coconut oil and strengthen your hair roots.

All above information is given me by Aerocity Escorts girls Rimsha, and for Rimsha , my hair is now dense black and strong, if you want to get more information about making dense black hair then you can contact to Aerocity Escort, the girls of Aerocity Escort give you all types of valuable information, for calling you can go to website of Aerocity escort and take a number and do call directly or send a text message you can also  contact to Aerocity Escorts via Whats app message, whats app no is also given on website of Aerocity escort. 

Edited By:-Neha([email protected])

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